Visit Our Factory to Customize Design

Nepal Knitting Wear a leading wholesaler-manufacturer and exporter for  all kind of woolen products like handmade woolen jacket, Handmade Woolen sweaters, Handmade Woolen Mufflers, Handmade Woolen Gloves, Handmade Woolen Hats, Handmade Caps Woolen Socks, Handmade Woolen Ponchos, Handmade Woolen Leg Warmer, Handmade Hand Warmer, Handmade Head Band, Handmade Ladies Jacket, Handmade Woolen Child Jacket , Handmade Woolen Accessories.

Raw Material

100 % sheep wool which is imported by New Zealand


We have more Semi skilled man and woman to make our woolen jacket.

New Design

We have master and designer for new design. If you have your own creation and design we can make design according to your requirement please visit our factory to create long term relationship.

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